Health & Safety

The Company regards Health and Safety as an integral part of the activity of every employee, it is fundamental to everything we do and a core value that permeates right throughout our organisation. We ensure through education, behavioural training and induction so that each individual understands the part they play in their own safety and that of their co-workers.

It is our policy to comply with all relevant Safety, Health and Welfare legislation, Regulations, Codes of practice, Guidelines and best practice for all operations carried out by the Buckley Construction Group and our employees. We promote a positive safety culture within the group and strive to use all means at our disposal to prevent accidents, incidents and diseases.

We believe in taking a proactive approach to safety and focus on systems and procedures to provide a consistent, reliable services which are constantly monitored, evaluated and improved. We constantly seek to go above and beyond simple regulatory compliance by promoting a safety culture within the group and are currently seeking Safe-T-Cert accreditation.

Our comprehensive safety management system provides an extensive framework for maintaining a safe working environment through:

  • Planning and Management
  • Risk Assessment and Method Statement
  • Induction and Training
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Management Review and Consultation

The value of this approach is well demonstrated by our health & safety performance indicators which outperform industry norms.

The Safety objectives for the Buckley Construction Group include;

  • Providing a duty of care for the health, safety and welfare of all those who may be affected by our actions.
  • Provision of safety training and instruction to all employees
  • Provision of protective equipment to all employees
  • Identification of hazards
  • Creation of practical and safe working systems
  • Consultation with staff on safety and health matters


The Buckley Construction Group has a reputation for delivering services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Our objective is to always excel at anticipating, understanding and responding to our client’s requirements, this commitment remains at the core of our business operations in delivering a constant, reliable and superior quality service.

We operate under a comprehensive Quality management system which is constantly under review. The System is an integral part of the activity within our group and is implemented through a comprehensive set of operating procedures. The group ethos is to put quality at the forefront of everything we do. This is enforced at every level within our organisation. We always seek to go above and beyond simple regulatory compliance and are currently seeking ISO 9001/2008 Quality Management System accreditation.

Our experienced team members are focused on quality management and quality construction throughout the entire life of each project. We strive for continual improvement and innovation in our performance by; benchmarking internal and external performance against best-demonstrated practices to identify improvement opportunities. Our commitment to quality begins at project inception and our goal is to provide a smooth, defect-free handover.

Our database of subcontractors and suppliers is also a vital asset in delivering quality projects that achieve complete customer satisfaction.


Buckley Construction Group adheres to all legislative and regulatory requirements. We strive for continuous improvements in environmental performance with an emphasis on pollution prevention and optimum energy efficiency.

We operate under our comprehensive Environmental Management Policy and risk management strategy. We aim to minimise negative impacts on our environment and fully incorporate environmental issues into our project specific Safety Plans.

The key tenets of our environmental policy are:

  • To comply with all regulatory requirements.
  • To strive towards excellence in Environmental awareness.
  • To minimise the environmental impacts of our activities.
  • The prevention of pollution.
  • Promoting rational use of natural resources.
  • Support for the development of renewable energies.

We are committed to operate within a framework of sustainability and responsible environmental management. We endeavour to strike a balance between economic, social and environmental responsibilities in order to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment. In order to do this, we will:


  • Develop sustainable policies and programmes and monitor their implementation.
  • Comply with all statutory requirements.
  • Keep abreast of standards with a commitment to continual improvement.
  • Adopt principles the prevention of pollution and waste and the efficient use of materials, water and energy.
  • Promote the procurement of sustainable materials.
  • Assess potential environmental and sustainability impacts for all projects.
  • Take all reasonable precautions to prevent environmental incidents.
  • Establish objectives and targets for the progressive reduction of significant impacts.
  • Implement our Quality and Environmental Management System
  • Promote and provide the necessary awareness and training to all of our staff
  • Maintain a policy for continuous improvement of our Management Systems

We are committed to building a sustainable future and work in close collaboration with our design partners and specialist supply chain providers to integrate sustainable engineering approaches into all our projects.