Specialist Contractor


The Buckley Construction Group in recent times has gained significant experience undertaking remedial firestopping measures on hotels, commercial units and domestic housing for housing associations and local authorities.

Whilst many properties come with all the requisite professional sign-offs, as unbelievable as it may seem, nobody of authority may actually have inspected many buildings because the old system allowed for the self-certification of work by builders; some of who were responsible and ensured all the workmanship and materials used was up to standard, Others did NOT!

Issues now normally only come to light when properties are being sold or renovated and where professionals are engaged to inspect and certify compliance. Cavity fire barriers, service penetrations and fire separation in attic spaces in many instances are not constructed as originally designed and hence the need for remedial fire stopping.


We now have a dedicated team of skilled trade’s men experienced in passive fire protection systems and proven track record rectifying such works. Our personnel are highly skilled in the complete range of passive fire protection systems listed below.


Passive Fire Protection systems

Passive Fire Protection is an integral component of fire protection in buildings designed to contain fires or slow their spread, through use of fire resistant materials deployed throughout buildings.


  • Fire protection for pipes, (ABS, PVC, PP, HDPE) using fire collars, sleeves or wraps.
  • Cavity fire barriers
  • Firestopping to all service penetrations using Cementitious and Gypsum mortars for wall and floor opes, mortars for structural floor opes if necessary.
  • Fire protection to edge of floor slabs with various different products, allowances for building movement and wind load.
  • Fire rated mastic joints, including joints with variable tolerances.
  • Fire barrier curtains including partitions, mineral wool and cloth up 120 minutes.


Selecting a company that is fully compliant with government, industry regulations and best practice is the safest way for you to maximize your buildings protection from fire.



The origins of the Buckley Construction Group is in masonry. We now have a dedicated team of key personnel and trades men with extensive experience and proven record using traditional building materials and techniques. We pride ourselves on our expertise, reliability, quality, efficiency and value for money.


Our works include Conservation, restoration, stonework and rebuilding projects.; Castle restoration, Stone bridge construction, New build stone walls and cladding, Conservation of heritage buildings, Repointing of brickwork and stonework, Conservation Cleaning, Stone & Brick Cleaning.


We liaise with conservation officers, planners and architects in bringing historic buildings back to their former glory, using the expert skills of Cleaning, Brickwork, Stonework, Stone cutting, building lime mortars, pointing, plasterwork, leadwork, re-tooling and re-working stone.


Repointing – We offer a full range of repointing stonework and brickwork including flush pointing, tuck pointing, Irish wigging and weather struck pointing.


Stonework – We offer a full range of stone masonry such as stone facades, boundary walls and stone cladding. Dry stone walling, ashlar stonework, random rubble, coarsed rubble. We work with all types of stone; Granite, Sandstone, Limestone.


Cleaning – We offer a full conservation cleaning service for stone, brick, building facades without causing any damage, or disfiguring the substrate.


Chimney Relining, Rebuilding and Repair – We offer the following; Chimney clearing and blockage identification, Clay Flue Relining, Stack Reconstruction, New Pots, Lead work flashings, Pointing.

Masonry Ruin Repair – We have worked on several medieval ruins and would be happy to discuss any proposals you may have for same.